DMX is a manufacturer of World Class Air Gap Membranes that are used in the fields of waterproofing and flooring. DMX’s membranes are renowned for their innovative and advanced designs. Please feel free to learn more about our superb membranes by clicking on the icons below.

Waterproofing Drainage Membranes

AG Installation
DMX AG™, DMX 5M™ and DMX Drain 6000™ are drainage membranes used in the damproofing and waterproofing industries. For more information on these unique membranes…click here.

Flooring Underlayments

This patented membrane is designed for use under laminate, engineered hardwood, vinyl planks and carpet. NO plywood or OSB required. Find out why DMX Airflow™ is called “The World’s Best Flooring Underlayment”…click here.

Cut_Flat -DMX 1-Step
This unique membrane is designed for use under laminate and engineered hardwood. It has superb acoustical and comfort properties. To learn more…click here.