Geocomposite Drainage for ICF Foundations

Geocomposite Drainage for ICF Foundations

This article was written by Dwight Walker BA., A.Sc (Eng.), C.E.T, (M)ASCE, NSPE, the Technical Specialist from DMX Plastics Limited.  The article discusses ICF Foundations and DMX Plastics 5M product.

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DMX FX™ is the industry's leader when it comes to Flooring Underlayments for finishing basements. The unique air-gap design and high compressive strength of the DMX FX underlayment makes it the ideal technical solution to your moisture control problems.  DMX FX is made with Post Consumer HDPE, which makes it the “Greenest” flooring underlayment in the market.  Just for your information, each roll of DMX FX is made from 300 recycled detergent bottles.

The DMX FX controls the infiltration of moisture that penetrates through the concrete floor slab by acting as a “super duty” vapor retarder and ventilation system.  The low vapor permeability ratio of the DMX FX HDPE exceeds the requirements of standard 6 mil polyethylene vapor barriers required by flooring manufacturers for both moisture vapor control and toughness for long lasting protection.  The air gap provides a “reserve” area of protection from any transient exterior water that finds it way on to the concrete floor from any foundation wall cracks or imperfections.

DMX FX™ was introduced to compliment our DMX Flexsheet exterior dampproofing and drainage layer membrane to keep basements dry, and also to provide the end user an effective product to renovate or install in new basements with a material that meets the new LEED requirements for renovation of existing buildings.  The use of our DMX FX aids in the abatement and control of mould and mildew formation which is common in basements and areas prone to high vapor moisture infiltration by providing air circulation under the floor so moisture dries up, rather than being trapped in an area perfect to support the growth of mould and mildew.

DMX FX is very easy to install and the “do-it-yourself” end users were the main focus when we developed this product to minimize installation time,  maximize efficiency and effectiveness without the need to use sophisticated tools and procedures to complete a project.  The DMX FX membrane was designed to last for the design service life of a standard house, which is estimated to be approximately 50 years when installed in accordance with our Installation Manual.  You can be confident of your success with any project when you choose DMX FX for your next job!  DMX Plastics Limited also provides complete technical support for the DMX FX product. 



When excessive moisture or water accumulates indoors, mould growth will often occur, particularly if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or un-addressed.  DMX FX has many advantages over competitive air gap flooring systems which have the dimpled sheet and sub-floor glued together in 2’x2’ sheets to help you manage your moisture issues better:

  • DMX FX can be installed by one person using a box cutting knife
  • DMX FX rolls are much lighter than other underlayments
  • DMX FX has a higher compressive strength than others in the industry
  • Laminate flooring can be applied directly to DMX FX
  • DMX FX is significantly cheaper, saving the homeowner hundreds of dollars over existing underlayment and moisture control systems
  • The DMX FX when installed provide a continuous moisture barrier over the entire area serviced, unlike segmented systems that are made for convenience not necessarily function
  • The DMX FX is environmentally friendly and made from select recycled feed stock (resins) to ensure it is outperforms other underlayment systems in the industry
  • The unique “air gap” design provides a passive ventilated space to control the intrusion of moisture into your living space, unlike other flat moisture barrier systems
  • Allows the installation of various finished flooring systems in basements and on-slab areas with the confidence that they will perform as designed and intended

Compared with other moisture barriers for flooring, DMX offers the following advantages:

  • Highest compressive strength in industry (6,000 lbs psf)
  • Does not require specialized tools, it can be installed using a sharp knife
  • The overlapping installation method provides a complete seal, so moisture never reaches your flooring.
  • Dimples provide an air gap which keeps basement floors warmer than traditional methods.
  • Rolls are very light (12 kgs each) making it easy to transport the flooring to your basement.
  • DMX is more cost effective than competitive systems.
  • Laminate flooring can be laid directly onto DMX, you do not need to install OSB sub floor.
  • DMX is Earth Friendly, there are approximately 175 recycled detergent bottles in an average roll (3’6” x 50’).

Feel free to download our brochures or take a look at our installation video.

It is very easy to install and more importantly, it will protect your family’s health too!

Review our brochure and Installation Manual for more details.


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